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Sutherland’s cakes, tray-bakes, loaves, cookies & muffins

Sutherlands offer a high quality value driven range which will guarantee repeat custom as well as offering great margin opportunity. Made in Scotland in a SALSA accredited facility they offer a wide range of  traditional favourites and a continuously developing range of baked goods.

Wish to place an order? Please use the order form below which details the entire range of Sutherlands Cakes that we stock at Williamson Foodservice. There is space at the bottom for additional items and notes.

Please note the shelf life provided is  from production and may be shorter on delivery. If you have any query on this please speak to our sales team on 0345 450 8888.

List of Sutherland Cakes with shelf life from production.
Product CodeProduct Description (Sorted A-Z)Unit of SaleShelf Life from Production
55543020Banana Fudge Muffin x20Case8 weeks
55523001Big Carrot Cake 10 inchCake7 days
55525001Big Toffee Cake 10 inchCake7 days
55541020Blueberry Muffn x20Case4 weeks
55408012Butter Shortbread x 12Case8 weeks
55490012Caramel Mars Crispy Traybake x12Case9 weeks
55453006Caramel/Vermicelli Cups x6Case12 weeks
55500001Carrot Cake Loaf (10)Loaf4 weeks
55416006Carrot Squares x6Case4 weeks
55502001Cherry Madeira Loaf (10)Loaf8 weeks
55542020Cherry Muffin x20Case8 weeks
55536020Double Choc Chip Cookie x20 (Ind. Wrapped)Case12 weeks
55540020Choc Chip Muffins X20Case8 weeks
55524001Choc Fudge Cake 10 inchCake7 weeks
55417006Chocolate Flapjacks x6Case8 weeks
55454004Cornflake Cakes x4Case12 weeks
55474015Crunchie Traybake x15Case12 weeks
55441006Double Choc Fairy Cup x6Case4 weeks
55419006Eiffel Towers x6Case2 weeks
55407012Empire Biscuits x 12Case8 weeks
55452006Fern Cups x6Case8 weeks
55491006French Fancies x6Case12 days
55418006Fruit & Yoghurt Flapjacks x6Case8 weeks
55461012Fruit Scones x12Case7 days
55473015Fruited Tiffin Traybake x15Case12 weeks
55537020Genoa Slice x20 (Ind. Wrapped)Case8 weeks
55507001Genoa Loaf (10)Loaf4 weeks
55410012Gypsy Creams x 12Case8 weeks
55477012Iced Bakewell Traybake x12Case4 weeks
55504001Iced Banana Loaf (10)Loaf4 weeks
55413006Iced Fruit Squares x6Case8 weeks
55501001Iced Ginger Loaf (10)Loaf4 weeks
55415006Iced Ginger Squares x6Case8 weeks
55555016Ind Wrap Butter Shortbread x16Case8 weeks
55554016Ind Wrap Empire Biscuits x20Case8 weeks
55557016Ind Wrap Gypsy Creams x16Case8 weeks
55553020Ind Wrap Malteser Cake x20Case12 weeks
55551020Ind Wrap Mars Crispy Cake x20Case8 weeks
55550020Ind Wrap Milk Caramel Cake x20Case12 weeks
55552020Ind Wrap Rocky Road Cake x20Case12 weeks
55556016Ind Wrap Viennese Whirls x16Case8 weeks
55406012Jammie Dodgers x 12Case8 weeks
55506001Lemon Drizzle loaf (10)Loaf4 weeks
55521001Lemon Victoria Cake 10inchCake7 days
55471015Malteser Fudge Traybake x15Case12 weeks
55404024Mars Crispy Cakes x 24Case8 weeks
55401024Milk Caramel Cake x24Case12 weeks
55492006Mini Victorias x6Case12 days
55545020Orange Choc Chip Muffin x20Case8 weeks
55479015Orange Fudge Traybake x15Case12 weeks
55414006Paradise Squares x6Case8 weeks
55470015Peppermint Fudge Traybake x15Case12 weeks
55450006Pineapple Tarts x6Case10 days
55460012Plain Scones x12Case7 days
55522001Rainbow Victoria Cake 10 inchCake7 days
55442006Raspberry Fairy Cups x6Case4 weeks
55451006Raspberry Tarts X6Case10 days
55475015Rocky Road Traybake x15Case12 weeks
55462012Scones Ind. Wrapped x12Case7 days
55535020Spotty Dotty Cookie x20 (Ind. Wrapped)Case12 weeks
55412006Sugar Fruit Squares x6Case8 weeks
55503001Sultana Fruit Loaf (10)Loaf8 weeks
55544020Toffee Fudge Muffin x20Case8 weeks
55411012Toffee Pops x12Case8 weeks
55505001Toffee/Caramel Loaf (10)Loaf4 weeks
55440006Vanilla Fairy Cups x6Case4 weeks
55403024Vermicelli Cake x24Case8 weeks
55520001Victoria Sponge Cake 10 inchCake7 days
55409012Viennese Whirls x 12Case8 weeks
55402024White Caramel Cake x24Case12 weeks
55472015White Malteser Fudge Traybake x15Case12 weeks
55405024White Mars Crispy Cake x 24Case8 weeks
55476015White Rocky Road Traybake x15Case12 weeks
55400000Yoghurt Rasp Cranberry Traybake x15Case8 weeks