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Wholesale Fresh Produce

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Williamson Foodservice began it’s life as a fruit producer and fresh produce wholesale business selling it’s seasonal berries around the local area. Today fresh produce remains a major specialism of our company. With a dedicated procurement team, warehousing and temperature control throughout our distribution chain we are able to offer our customers the highest quality fresh produce available throughout the seasons. Our fleet is wholly temperature controlled and we strive to exceed industry standards at every stage of selection, procurement, distribution and handling.

With a strong emphasis on local produce we work with producers throughout UK & Europe and suppliers world wide. Perfection is what we strive for and our team at Williamson Foodservice work with customers to continually improve our offering. Unlike firms that rely on wholesale markets for their produce, we source direct ensuring that the quality, specification and – importantly for Highland customers – shelf-life is what our customers demand.

Whatever item your menu requires we will be able to source – or advise when seasonably available and what options exist.

Orders can be placed for a next day delivery, we maintain the highest availability of stock which ensures that our order fulfilment is unrivalled in the area.

The following lists show some of the produce we stock.

This is by no means an exhaustive list so if you want anything in particular please ask!

CodeDescriptionOriginUnit of Sale
10001012Conference Pears x 12kgBELGBOX
10001085William Pears BOX
10001090Packhams Triumph PearsS.A.BOX
10011009Pineapples x 9'sC.R.EACH
10012018Ready To Eat Avocados x 18'sBox
10021064Pink Lady Apples x 12kgS.A.BOX
10025078Royal Gala Apple x 84sN.Z.Box
10028074Braeburn Apples x 74'sVARBox
10030090Bramley Apples x 12kgU.K.BOX
10032060Red Delicious ApplesVARBOX
10034084Golden Delicious Apples x 12kgFRA BOX
10035084Granny Smith Apples x 12kgS.ABOX
10037012Fuji Apples x40s BOX
10039012Russet Apples x 12kgU.K.BOX
10040005Red Plums x 5kgS.A.BOX
10045005Victoria Plums x 5kgU.K.BOX
10050001Fruit Basket BOX
10078001Green Strawberries 250gPunnet
10079400Strawberries x 400gU.K.BOX
10082125Blueberries x 125gVAR BOX
10083125Raspberries x 125gVAR BOX
10084125Redcurrants x 125gDCH BOX
10085200Brambles x 125gDCH BOX
10086005Gooseberries x150gVARBOX
10091454Gooseberries Frozen x 3kgUK BOX
10093003Raspberries Frozen x 3kgBox
10101500Green Seedless Grapes Pre Packed x 500gS.A.BOX
10103500Red Seedless Grapes Pre Packed x 500gS.A.BOX
10110018Bananas x 18kgVARBOX
10111022Plantain 22kgCase
10125082Easypeelers Satsumas x 80sSPBox
10127010Easypeeler Nardicots 10 x 750g P/PBox
10130054Oranges x 54S.A.BOX
10130080Oranges x 72sS.A.BOX
10130200Seville (Marmalade) Oranges 20kgSPANBOX
10130300Blood Oranges BOX
10140040White Grapefruit x 40'sS.A BOX
10141040Red Grapefruit x 40'sS.A.BOX
10143009PomelosS.A BOX
10150054Limes x 54'sMEX BOX
10151002Kumquats BOX
10152004Key Limes 4kgBox
10160035Lemons x 35SPANBOX
10170009Yellow Melon x 9Box
10172007Galia Melons x 7BRAZBOX
10172008Galia Melons x 8BRAZEach
10173005Water Melons x 5'sSPANBOX
10175006Cantelope Melons x 6'sBox
10180025Peaches x 28'sSPANBOX
10180045Flat Peaches x 4.5kgSpainCASE
10180500Apricots x5kgSPAINBOX
10181025Nectarines x 28'sS.A.BOX
10805024Starfruit x 24'sMALACASE
10806024Cranberries 24 x 340gUSABox
10808025Dates Ravier PackMAROBOX
10810024Figs x 24'sBRAZBOX
10812030Kiwifruit x 30'sN.Z.Case
10812033Kiwifruit x 33'sN.Z.Case
10813002Lychees x 2kg BOX
10815012Mango x 9's Ready to Eat BOX
10815555Indian Mango x 6'sIndiaBox
10818010Paw Paw x 9'sBRAZBOX
10819042Passionfruit x 42'sAFR BOX
10821014Sharon Fruit x 22's BOX
10827025Coconuts x 25's BAG
10831006Rhubarb x 6kgDCHBOX
10832005Cherries x 2kg BOX
10839003Quince x 5kg BOX
10850012Physalis 12x100gCOL BOX
10856014Pomegranite x 14'sSpanBox
10862001Nashi PearCHINBOX
10876010Baby Pineapples x 9's BOX
10885500Medjol Dates 5kgBox
10886002Grenadilla 2kgBox
CodeDescriptionOriginUnit of Sale
10290024Chayote (Chow Chow) x 24'sCase
10291010Eddoes x 10kgCosta RicaBox
10431001Breakfast Mushrooms x 1.5kgIRE CASE
10432001Brown Cap Mushrooms x 2.25kg VARBOX
10433001Shitake Mushrooms x 500gCHI BOX
10434001Oyster Mushrooms x 500gU.K.CASE
10434555King Oyster Mushrooms 4kgU.K.Box
10435250Mushroom x 2.27kgVAR BOX
10435999Cooking Mushrooms 2.27kgU.K.Box
10436100Chantrelle Mushrooms x 1kgU.K.CASE
10437500Smithy Wild Mushroom Mix x 0.5kgU.K.Box
10438100Hon Shimeji White Mushrooms x 0.9kgU.K.BOX
10439450Broccoli (Loose) x 4.5kgU.K.BOX
10441005Courgettes x 5kgU.K.BOX
10441999Courgette Flowers Tray 15'sU.K.Box
10443005Yellow Courgettes x 5kgDCH CASE
10444001Stalks Brussel SproutsU.K.BOX
10446001Purple Sprouting Broccoli x 3kgU.K.CASE
10446002Tender Stem Broccoli 4x500gU.K.Case
10450005Aubergine x 5kgDCH BOX
10455005Parsnips x 5kgSPANBOX
10460005Leeks x 4.5kgU.K.BOX
10468001Pied Blue Mushrooms x 1kgU.K.BOX
10470001Beansprouts Packed 6 x 250gU.K.BOX
10471001Beansprouts Bags x 4kgU.K.BAG
10480010Fresh Beetroot x 10kgU.K.BAG
10482005Candied (Fresh) Beetroot x 10kgU.K.BAG
10483005Golden ( Fresh ) Beetroot x 10kgU.K.BAG
10506004Carolina Reaper Chillies 8 x 50gDchBox
10507002Padron Chillies x 2kgSpanBox
10508002Rawit Chillies 2kgCase
10509001Baby Bell Peppers x 5kgDCH CASE
10510027Capsicums Green x 5kgDutchBOX
10511027Capsicums Red x 5kgDutchBOX
10512027Capsicums Yellow x 5kgDutchBOX
10513027Capsicums Orange x 5kgDutchBOX
10514003Sweet Capsicum x 2kgDCH CASE
10515003Chillies Green x 3kgVARBox
10516003Chillies Red x 3kgDCH BOX
10517001Bird's Eye Chillies x 3kgDCH BOX
10518001Chillies Jalapino x 1.5kgDCH BOX
10520019Dutch Onions x 19kgDCH BAG
10521010Red Onions x 10kgDCHBOX
10523004Shallot Onions x 4kgFRA BAG
10524010Pickling Onions x 5kgDCH BAG
10527004Torpedo Shallots Onions x 4kgFRA BAG
10528020Large Chilean Onions x 20kgCHILBAG
10530008White Cabbage x 9'sU.K.BAG
10531006Red Cabbage x 6'sDCH BAG
10532008Savoy Cabbage x 12'sU.K.BOX
10533012Spring Cabbage x12'sU.K.BOX
10534012Primo Cabbage x12'sU.K.BOX
10538001Grilot Bunched Onions x 12'sBox
10539001Pack Carrots 1kg Pre PackedU.K.BOX
10540010Washed Carrots x 10kgU.K.CASE
10542001Carrots Chantannay x 5kgISR BOX
10543005Carrots Purple x 5kgDCH CASE
10544005Heritage Coloured Carrots 5kgU.K.Case
10546012Bunched Carrots 10 x 500gU.K.Case
10550012Cauliflower x 12'sU.K.BOX
10560001Swede x 12.5kgU.K.BAG
10561001New Turnip x 5kgU.K.BOX
10567001Garlic 1kg Peeled PACK
10570004Garlic Loose x 4kgCHINBOX
10571001Garlic StringCHINBOX
10572012Pre Packed Garlic 2 x 12SPANCASE
10574001Porcelain Garlic (Dried x 3)U.K.BOX
10575001Black Garlic x50gCHINBOX
10577001Smoked Garlic String x1kgU.K.EACH
10801015Globe Artichoke BOX
10802500Baby Artichoke 5kgBox
10804012Babycorn 12x100g BOX
10809006Pumpkin Carving x 6'sU.K.Box
10814015Mangetout x 1.5kgKENYBOX
10816010Mooli x 10kgDCH BOX
10817015Okra x 1.5kgTHAIBOX
10822005Chicory x 5kgDCH BOX
10823001Pumpkins French Cooking EachFRA BOX
10824012Corn Vacpak Long Life 12 x 2'sSPANBOX
10825005Fennel x 5kgVARBOX
10826012Ginger x 10kgVAR BOX
10826103Galangal (Laos) x 3kgTHBox
10828000Lotus Root x 5kgBox
10829015Sugar Snap Peas x 1.5kgAFR BOX
10833015Finebeans x 1.5kgAFR BOX
10835002Pak Choi x 2kgU.K.BOX
10836005Peas In The Pod x 3kgU.K.CASE
10841003Red Chicory x 3kgDCH BOX
10842005Broad Bean x 4kgU.K.BOX
10843005Runner BeansU.K.BOX
10844001Mixed Squash 10kgU.K.Box
10845010Butternut Squash x 10kg VARBOX
10846001Baby Patty Pan x200g BOX
10847028Corn On The Cob (Fresh) 30'sU.K.BOX
10848001Samphire x 1kg BOX
10851002Choi Sum x 2kgCASE
10852005Baby Bok Choi x 5kgBox
10853001English Asparagus - bunch x 250gU.K.BOX
10854001White Asparagus x250gU.K.Bunch
10855001Celeriac x 10kgDCH BOX
10859002Turmeric Vegetable x 2kgBox
10860001Salsify x 1kgDCHKILO
10861001Horseradish Root (Kg)DCHBOX
10863001Kholrabi x 12.5kgDCH BOX
10864005Parsley Root x 5kgU.K.Box
10867001Baby Beetroot x 200gFRA BOX
10871001Baby Leeks x 200gFRA BOX
10873001Baby Carrots x 200gFRA BOX
10874001Baby Fennel x 200gFRA BOX
10875001Baby Turnip x 200gFRA BOX
10877001Baby Courgette x 200gFRA BOX
10878333Baby Aubergine 34FRA Box
10879001Swiss Chard x 5kgU.K.BOX
10880001Curly Kale x 250gSPANBOX
10880002Cavolo Nero (Black Cabbage)U.K.Case
10887001Bitter Gourde x 5kgBox
10891018Cassava RootUSACase
CodeDescriptionOriginUnit of Sale
10399012Bryan's Leafy Salad 110g (x12)VAR CASE (12X110g)
10400012Flat Lettuce x 12'sU.K.BOX
10401012Iceberg Lettuce x 12'sU.K.BOX
10402009Raddichio Lettuce x 9'sITALBOX
10403012Lollo Rosso Lettuce x 12'sUKBOX
10404012Oakleaf Lettuce x 12'sUKBOX
10405010Curly Endive Lettuce x 10'sU.K.BOX
10406001Lambs Leaf Lettuce (Pack)U.K.BOX
10407010Cos Lettuce x 10'sU.K.BOX
10408016Little Gem Lettuce 16x2'sU.K.BOX
10410016Celery x 15'sU.K.Box
10411008Chinese Leaves x 8'sU.K.BOX
10412012Cucumbers x 12'sDchBOX
10413012Cress x 12'sU.K.BOX
10414020Radish x 20'sDCH BOX
10415012Spring Onions x 12'sU.K.BAG
10416010Breakfast Radish x 3kgUK BOX
10416057Rainbow Radish 250gDCHBox
10417001Watercress Pre packedU.K.BOX
10418300Heirloom Tomatoes 10 x 300gDCHBox
10419009Yellow CherryTomatoes 9x250gDCH BOX
10420006Dutch Tomatoes x 6kgDCH BOX
10421009Cherry Tomatoes 9x250gDutchBOX
10423003Heritage Tomatoes x 3kgVAR BOX
10424005Vine Tomatoes x 5kgDutchBOX
10426007Beef Tomatoes x 7kgDutch.BOX
10427006Plum Tomatoes x 5kgDutchBOX
10428001Cherry Vine Tomatoes 10x250gDutchBOX
10429001Tomberries Red Tomatoes 8 x 125gDutchBOX
10429002Tomberries Yellow Tomatoes 8 x 125gDutchBox
10473001Sakura Mix x 18sDCHBOX
10477016Afellia Cress x 16sDCH BOX
10481018Vacuum Packed Beetroot 18x250gUK BOX
10830002Spinach Pre-Packed x 200gVAREach
10830005Spinach Loose x 5kgFRA BOX
11337500Mix Baby Leaf x 500gVAR BOX
12389002Potato Salad x 2kgSCOTTUB
CodeDescriptionUnit of Sale
11300010Basil 100gBOX
11300025Basil x 250g BOX
11302005Bay Leaf x 100gBOX
11303100Chervil 100gBOX
11304010Chives 100gBOX
11304025Chives x 250gBOX
11305010Coriander 100gBOX
11305025Coriander x 250gBOX
11306010Dill 100gBOX
11306025Dill x 250gBOX
11307005Lemon Grass x 50gBOX
11307025Lemon Grass x 250gBOX
11308010Mint 100gBOX
11308025Mint x 250gBOX
11309005Oregano x 100gBOX
11310000Flat Parsley x 250g BunchBOX
11310010Flat Parsley 100gBOX
11311010Rosemary 100gBOX
11311025Rosemary x 250gBOX
11312010Sage x 100gBOX
11313100Sorrel x 100gBOX
11314000Rocket x 500gBOX
11314010Rocket 100gBOX
11314025Rocket x 250gBOX
11315010Tarragon 100gBOX
11316010Thyme 100gBOX
11316025Thyme x 250gBOX
11317200Mustard Leaves 2kgBOX
11329025Red Chard x 250gBOX
11329050Red Chard x 500gBOX
11330050Mizuna x 500gBOX
11332005Marjoram x 50gBOX
11339001Lime LeavesBOX
11339050Lemon Verbena x 50gBox
11340001Curry Leaves 20gBox
11354005Lovage x 100gBOX
11906001Micro Thai Basil 30gBox
11907001Micro Red Basil 30gBOX
11908001Micro Green Basil 30gBOX
11909001Micro Garlic Chive Herbs 30gBOX
11910001Micro Red Radish Herbs 30gBOX
11911001Micro Mizuna Herbs 30gBOX
11912001Micro Red Chard Herb 30gBOX
11913001Micro Mixed Herbs 30gBOX
11914001Micro Rocket Herbs 30gBOX
11915001Micro Pea Shoots Herbs 100gBOX
11916001Micro Herb Coriander 30gBOX
11917001Micro Red Amaranth Herb 30gBOX
11918001Micro Purple Shiso Herb 30gBOX
11919001Micro Celery Herb 30gBOX
11921001Micro Tendril Pea Shoots 100gBOX
11922001Micro Herbs Fennel 30gBOX
11923001Micro Red Vein Sorrel 30gBOX
11924001Micro Samphire Herb 100gBOX
11925001Micro Water Cress 30gBOX
11926001Micro Herb Mustard Frills x 30gBOX
11927001Micro Herb Tarragon 30gBOX
11928000Westlands Viola Flowers 8gBox
11928001Westlands Nasturtian Flowers 12gBOX
11928002Westlands Nasturtian Leaves 20gBox
11929001Westlands Borage Flowers Blue 10gBOX
11929002Westlands Borage Flowers White 10gBox
11929003Westlands Edible Flowers 20gBox
11929004Westlands Fuchsia Flowers 12gBox
11929005Westlands Monkey Flowers 10gBox
11930001Micro Herb Thyme 30gBOX
11931001Micro Borage Leaf 30gBox
11932001Micro Lemon Balm 30gBox
11933001Taste of the Sea Salty Fingers 30gBox
11934001Micro Herb Mint 30gPack
11935001Micro Melon ( Cucamelon) 100gBox
11935005Westlands Apple Blossom 20gBox
11935006Westlands Tagete Flowers x 8gBox
11935007Westlands Butterfly Sorrel Flowers x8gBox
11936001Westlands Meadow Flowers 10gBox
11940001Taste of The Sea Oyster Leaf 30gBox
11943001Taste of the Sea Aster 100gBox
11944001Taste of the Sea Rock Samphire 30gBox
11945001Taste of the Sea Kale 175gBox
11946001Taste of the Sea Purslane 50gBox
11947010Curly Parsley 100gBOX
11948001Taste of the Sea Sea Rosemary 30gBox
11949001Taste of Sea Buckshorn 30gBox
11950001Taste of The Sea Ice Lettuce 100gBox
11951001Taste of The Sea Beets 30gBox
11955001Westlands Popcorn Shoots 30gBox
11956001Westlands Chocolate Mint Leaves 100gBox
11957001Micro Rocket Wasabi 30gPack
11958001Micro Herb Horseradish Roots 30gPack
CodeDescriptionUnit of Sale
10662010Par Fried Fresh Chips 10kgBOX
12001002Coleslaw 2kgBOX
12360005Lge Peeled Potatoes x 5kgBAG
12360010Large Peeled Potatoes x 10kgBAG
12361010Small Peeled Potatoes x 10kgBAG
12362002Diced Potatoes x 2kgBAG
12363005Whole Peeled Red Onion x 2kgBAG
12364002Grated Potatoes x 2kgBAG
12365040Chateau Potatoes (20)BAG
12366001Whole Peeled Onions x 2kgBOX
12367005Sliced Red Onions x 2kgBAG
12368002Baton Carrots x 2kgBAG
12369002Sliced Carrots x 2kgBAG
12371002Shredded Carrots x 2kgBAG
12372005Peeled Sprouts x 5kg BAG
12373002Sliced Onions x 2kgBAG
12374002Baton Swede x 2kgBAG
12375002Diced Turnip x 2kgBAG
12376002Whole Peeled Turnip x 2kgBAG
12377002Shredded Savoy Cabbage x 2kgBAG
12378002Shredded Red Cabbage x 2kgBAG
12379002Sliced Leeks x 2kgBAG
12380002Soup Mix x 2kgBAG
12381002Coleslaw Mix x 2kgBAG
12382001Turned Turnip (each)BOX
12383005Diced/Baton Parsnip x 2kgBAG
12385002Peeled Shallots x 2kgBAG
12386002Whole Peeled Carrots x 2kgBAG
12392020Fondant Potatoes (x20)PACK
12395005Shredded Cabbage x 2kgBAG
12396002Diced Carrots x 2kgBAG
12397001Turned Courgettes (Each) BOX
12398002Diced Onion x 2kgBAG
12400005Quartered Potatoes 5kgBag
12410001Turned Carrots (Each)Each
CodeDescription OriginUnit of Sale
14102005Ground Elder 50gScotlandEach
14103005Sweet Cicely 50gScotlandEach
14104005Ground Ivy 50gScotlandEach
14105010Nettle Tops 100gScotlandEach
14106010Hogweed Leaves 100gScotlandEach
14107010Rowan Shoots 100gScotlandEach
14108002Wild Garlic Buds/Flowers 25gScotlandEach
14109005Gorse 50gScotlandEach
14110002Primose 25gScotlandEach
14111005Wild Cherry Blossom 50gScotlandEach
14112005Pink Purslane 50gScotlandEach
14113005Chickweed 50gScotlandEach
14114005Opposite Leaved Golden Saxifrage 50gScotlandEach
14115002Reindeer Moss 25gScotlandEach
14116010Juniper Sprigs 100gScotlandEach
14117005Wood Sorrel 50gScotlandEach
14118010Spruce Shoots 100gScotlandEach
14119010Scots Pine Flowers 100gScotlandEach
14120500Baby Fat Hen 500gScotlandEach
14121010Sea Plantain 100gScotlandEach
14122010Sea Campion 100gScotlandEach
14123005Wild Chervil Flowers 50gScotlandEach
14124005Sweet Cicely Flowers 50gScotlandEach
14125010Elder Flowers 100gScotlandEach
14126010Sea Aster 100gScotlandEach
14127010Baby Samphire 100gScotlandEach
14128010Sea Arrowgrass 100gScotlandEach