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Soft drinks, fruit juices and non-alcoholic beverages

As wholesale soft drink, fruit juice and water suppliers to the hospitality and retail industries of Inverness and the Highlands & Islands of Scotland, we stock a wide range of market-leading, premium soft drink brands guaranteed to refresh your menu (and your customers), while enhancing your profits.

With customer buying habits and trends changing all the time, ensure you have access to the levels of stock you require by bulk buying from Williamson Foodservice.

Our centrally based, dedicated Inverness drinks warehouse, means we can supply your needs quickly (while allowing you to save on storage space).

As the North of Scotland increasingly becomes a popular tourism destination, the hospitality and catering sector goes from strength to strength. Our wholesale distribution of premium soft drinks, fruit juices and water follow suit to keep the region supplied. If you are a caterer, retailer or use food and drink as part of your organisational activities, you will always have drinks ‘on tap’ with Williamson Foodservice.

We stock over 200 different varieties of soft drinks including market-leading brands such as:

Strathmore Scottish Water, Belvoir, San Pellegrino, Fentimans, Schweppes, Coca Cola, Appletiser, Ribena, Kulana, Red Bull, Pepsi, Radnor, Tango, Irn Bru, Bundaberg.

Scottish soft drinks include:

Bon Accord, Summerhouse Drinks, Walter Gregor’s Premium Tonic, Raw Culture Kombucha.
Available to order now:
How To order

In addition to calling our telesales team on 0345 450 8888 you can use the documents above to order goods from this category.

Excel File: Simply save to your PC, complete your order along with contact details and upload via our Web Order Form.

PDF file: Print the form, complete using black ink then either Fax us on 0800 028 2953 or scan and upload via our Web Order Form.

If you want to receive any further details on any of these products please contact us.

CodeDescriptionUnit of Sale
60000250Summer House Misty Lemonade 12x250mlCase
60001020Mixer Standard Coke 24 x 200mlCase
60001033Coca Cola Cans 24 x 330mlCase
60001050Coca Cola Bottle 24 x 500mlCase
60001175Coca Cola Coke Pet 6 x 1.75mlCase
60001250Summer House Scottish Rasp Lemonade 12 x 250mlCase
60002020Mixer Diet Coca-Cola 24 x 200mlCase
60002033Diet Coke Cans 24 x 330mlCase
60002050Diet Coca Cola Bottle 24 x 500mlCase
60002175Diet Coke Pet 6 x 1.75mlCase
60002250Summer House Hint O Mint Lemonade 12 x 250mlCase
60003033Coke Glass Bottle 24 x330mlCase
60003034Diet Coke Glass 24 x 330mlCase
60003250Summer House Lavender Lemonade 12 x 250mlCase
60004250Walter Gregors Tonic 24 x 200mlCase
60005033Irn Bru Original 24 x 330mlCase
60005050Irn Bru Bottle 12 x 500mlCase
60006033Sugar Free Irn Bru 24 x 330mlCase
60006050Sugar Free Irn Bru Bottle 12 x 500mlCase
60007033Fanta Orange 24 x 330mlCase
60007050Fanta Orange Bottle 12x500mlCase
600080337Up Cans 24 x 330mlCase
60009033Pepsi 24 x 330mlCase
60010033Fanta Lemon Can 24 x 330mlCase
60010050Fanta Lemon Bottle 12 x 500mlCase
60011033Fanta Fruit Twist Can 24 x 330mlCase
60011050Fanta Fruit Twist Pet 12 x 500mlCase
60012033Dr Pepper Cans 24 x 330mlCase
60012050Dr Pepper Pet 12 x 500mlCase
60013033Lilt Cans 24 x 330mlCase
60013050Lilt Pet 12 x 500mlCase
60015033Tango Apple Cans 24 x 330mlCase
60016033Sprite 24 x 330mlCase
60016050Sprite Bottle 12 x 500mlCase
60018033Irn Bru Glass Bottles 24 x 330mlCase
60019033Irn Bru Sugar Free Glass Bottles 24 x 330mlCase
60020033Fanta Orange Glass 24 x 330mlCase
60021033Sprite Glass Bottles 24 x 330mlCase
60022033St Clements Orange 12 x 330mlCase
60023033St Clements Apple 12 x 330mlCase
60025050Oasis Summer Fruits 12 x 500mlCase
60026050Oasis Citrus Punch 12 x 500mlCase
60027050Oasis Apple & Blackcurrant 12 x 500mlCase
60028027Feel Good Sparkling Cranberry & Lime 24x275mlCase
60029027Feel Good Sparkling Orange & Passionfruit 24x275mlCase
60030027Feel Good Sparkling Apple & Elderflower 24x275mlCase
60031027Feel Good Still Cranberry & Pomegranate 24x275mlCase
60032027Feel Good Still Orange & Mango 24x275mlCase
60033050Price Marked Strathmore Still Water 24 x 500mlCase
60037033Old Jamaica Ginger Beer 24 x 330mlCase
60038050Powerade Blue 12 x 500mlCase
60039025Emerg Energy 24 x 250mlCase
60039050Emerge Orange Sports Cap 12 x 500mlCase
60040005Sugar Free Orange Cordial 5ltrEach
60040050Belvoir Cordial Elderflower & Rose 6 x 50clCase
60041005Orange Squash Cordial 5ltrEach
60041050Belvoir Cordial Raspberry & Lemon 6 x 50clCase
60042005Lime Cordial 5ltrEach
60042050Belvoir Cordial Lime & Lemongrass 6 x 50clCase
60043005Blackcurrant Cordial Squash 5ltrEach
60043050Belvoir Cordial Raspbery & Rose 6 x 50clCase
60044034Bundaberg Lime Lemon & Bitters 12x375mlCase
60045034Bundaberg Blood Orange 12 x 375mlCase
60046034Bundaberg Pink Grapefruit 12 x 375mlCase
60047034Bundaberg Peach 12 x 375mlCase
60048037Bundaberg Stubby Ginger Beer 12 x375mlCase
60049037Bundaberg Stubby Root Beer 12 x 375mlCase
60050050Perfectly Clear Strawberry 12 x 500mlCase
60051050Perfectly Clear Apple 12 x 500mlCase
60052050Perfectly Clear Summer Fruits 12 x 500mlCase
60053050Perfectly Clear Lemon & Lime 12 x 500mlCase
60054050Perfectly Clear Blackcurrant 12 x 500mlCase
60055050Perfectly Clear Cherry 12 x 500mlCase
60061033Capri-Sun Orange 15 x 330mlCase
60065200Fresh Pink Grapefruit Juice 2ltrEach
60066200Fresh Orange Juice 2ltrEach
60067200Fresh Apple Juice 2ltrEach
60068100Kulana Orange Juice 12 x 1ltrCase
60069100Kulana Apple Juice 12 x 1ltrCase
60070100Kulana Grapefruit Juice 12 x 1ltrCase
60071100Kulana Tomato Juice 12 x 1ltrCase
60072100Kulana Pineapple Juice 12 x 1ltrCase
60073100Bramble Hill Cranberry Juice 12 x 1ltrCase
60075028Ribena Blackcurrant 24 x 250mlCase
60078028Ribena Strawberry 24 x 250mlCase
60079020Kulana Apple Juice 27 x 200mlCase
60080020Kulana Orange Juice 27 x 200mlCase
60081025Belvoir Presse Mango & Peach 12x25clCase
60082025Belvoir Presse Cox Apple 24 x 25clCase
60084075Belvoir Presse Elderflower 12 x 25clCase
60085025Belvoir Cranberry Presse 12 x 25clCase
60086050Belvoir Cordial Spiced Winter Berries 6x50clCase
60087025Belvoir Presse Pomegranite & Raspberry 12 x 25clCase
60091050Belvoir Cordial Blueberry & Blackcurrent 6x50clCase
60092025Belvoir Presse Cucumber & Mint 24 x 25clCase
60093025Belvoir Presse Dragonfruit & Raspberry 24 x 25clCase
60093050Belvoir Elderflower Cordial 6x50clCase
60094050Belvoir Cordial Ginger 6x50clCase
60095050Belvoir Cordial Honey Lemon & Ginger 6x50clCase
60097250Belvoir Cordial Mango & Peach 6x50clCase
60098025Belvoir Elderflower Presse Cans 12 x 250mlCase
60099025Belvoir Raspberry Presse Cans 12 x 250mlCase
60100025Belvoir Coconut & Lime Presse Cans 12 x 250mlCase
60102033Simply Fruity Apple 12 x 330mlCase
60104033Simply Fruity Blackcurrant 12 x 330mlCase
60105033Sanpellegrino Lemon & Mint 24 x 330mlCase
60106033Sanpellegrino Orange & Pomegranate 24 x 330mlCase
60107033Sanpellegrino Aranciata Rossa Can 24 x 330mlCase
60108033Sanpellegrino Pompelmo Grape Can 24 x 330mlCase
60109033Sanpellegrino Limonata Cans 24 x 330mlCase
60110033Sanpellegrino Aranciata Cans 24 x 330mlCase
60111033Tango Orange Cans 24 x 330mlCase
60112033Pepsi Diet Cans 24 x 330mlCase
60113033Vimto Cans 24 x 330mlCase
60114033Schweppes Lemonade Cans 24 x 330mlCase
60115012Fentimans Ginger Beer 24 x 125mlCase
60115027Fentimans Ginger Beer 12 x 275mlCase
60116027Fentimans Victorian Lemonade 12 x 275mlCase
60117027Fentimans Orange 12 x 275mlCase
60117075Fentimans Rose Lemonade 8 x 750mlCase
60118027Fentimans Curiosity Cola 12 x 275mlCase
60118075Fentimans Cola 8 x 750mlCase
60119027Fentimans Lemon Shandy 12x275mlCase
60119075Fentimans Ginger Beer 8 x 750mlCase
60120027Fentimans Dandelion & Burdock 12 x 275mlCase
60120075Fentimans Dandelion & Burdock 8 x 750mlCase
60121012Fentimans Curiosity Cola 24 x 125mlCase
60121027Fentimans Rose Lemonade 12 x 275mlCase
60121127Fentimans Lime & Jasmine 12 x 275mlCase
60122027Fentimans Cherry Tree Cola 12 x 275mlCase
60123027Fentimans Elderflower 12 x 275mlCase
60124012Fentimans Tonic Water 24 x 125mlCase
60125012Fentimans Light Tonic Water 24 X 125mlCase
60126012Fentimans Rose Lemonade 24 X 125mlCase
60127012Fentimans Herbal Tonic 24 x 125mlCase
60128012Fentimans Ginger Ale 24 x 125mlCase
60129012Fentimans Bitter Lemonade 24 x 125mlCase
60130001Xtra Inr Bru 24x330mlBox
60130002Xtra Irn Bru 12x500mlBox
60131033Barr Lemonade Cans 24 x 330mlCase
60131075Barr Lemonade NRGB 12 x 750mlCase
60133050Lipton Ice Tea Raspberry 12 x 500 mlCase
60134012Fentimans Soda Water 24x125mlCase
60135012Fentimans Pink Grapefruit Tonic 24x125mlCase
60137001Schweppes Lime Cordial1ltrEach
60138001Schweppes Orange Cordial1ltrEach
60142001Schweppes Blackcurrant Cordial1ltrCase
60145075Franklin & Sons Straw & Scottish Rasp 12 x 275mlCase
60146075Franklin & Sons Lemonade Elderflower 12 x 275mlCase
60147075Franklin & Sons Dandelion & Burdock 12 x 275mlCase
60148075Franklin & Sons Apple & Rhubarb 12 x 275mlCase
60149075Franklin & Sons Ginger Beer 12 x 275mlCase
60150012Schweppes Orange Juice 24 x 125mlCase
60150020Schweppes Orange Juice 24 x 200mlCase
60151012Schweppes Tomato Juice 24 x 125mlCase
60152012Schweppes Tonic 24 x 125mlCase
60152020Schweppes Mixer Tonic Water 24 x 200mlCase
60152100Schweppes Tonic Pet 6 x 1ltrCase
60153012Schweppes Bitter Lemon 24 x 125mlCase
60153020Schweppes Mixer Bitter Lemon 24 x 200mlCase
60153150Schweppes Lemonade 12 x 1.5ltrCase
60153200Schweppes Lemonade 24 x 200mlCase
60154012Schweppes Slim Line Tonic 24 x 125mlCase
60154020Schweppes Slim Line Tonic 24 x 200mlCase
60155012Schweppes Canada Dry 24 x 125mlCase
60156020Schweppes Ginger Beer 24 x 200mlCase
60157020Schweppes Soda Water 24 x 200mlCase
60157100Schweppes Soda Water 6x1ltrCase
60158020Schweppes Canada Dry 24 x 200mlCase
60158100Schweppes Canada Dry 12 x 1ltrCase
60160027Appletiser 24 x 275mlCase
60161020Franklin & Sons Indian Tonic 24 x 200mlCase
60162020Franklin & Sons Light Tonic 24 x 200mlCase
60163020Franklin & Sons Sicilian Tonic 24 x 200mlCase
60164020Franklin & Sons Original Ginger Ale 24 x 200mlCase
60166038Lucozade Original Energy 24 x 380mlCase
60167038Lucozade Orange Energy 24 x 380mlCase
60171050Lucozade Orange Sport 12 x 500mlCase
60172050Lucozade Raspberry Sport 12 x 500mlCase
60174050Ribena Blackcurrant 12 x 500mlCase
60176050Lucozade Sport Lite Orange 12 x 500mlCase
60177050Lucozade Sport Lite Lemon 12 x 500mlCase
60181040Feel Good Orange & Mango 12x400mlCase
60182040Feel Good Lemon & Elderflower 12x400mlCase
60183040Feel Good Cranberr & Pomegranate 12x400mlCase
60185018Feel Good For Kids Orange & Pineapple 20x180mlCase
60186018Feel Good For Kids Apple & Blackcurrant 20x180mlCase
60190025Red Bull Cans 24 x 250mlCase
60192025Belvoir Rose Elderflower 12 x 25clCase
60193025Belvoir Lime & Lemongrass Presse 12 x 25clCase
60194025Belvoir Ginger Beer Presse 12 x 25clCase
60195025Belvoir Lemonade Presse 12 x 25clCase
60196025Belvoir Raspberry Lemonade Presse 12 x 25clCase
60197025Belvoir Cox Apple Presse 12 x 25clCase
60198025Belvoir Cucumber & Mint 12 x 25clCase
60199025Belvoir Dragonfruit & Raspberry 12 x 25clCase
60210027Franklin & Sons Cola & Kola Nut 12x275mlCase
60211027Franklin & Sons Orange & Grapefruit 12x275mlCase
60212075Franklin & Sons Lemonade & Elderflower 6x75clCase
60213075Franklin & Sons Strawberry & Scottish Rasp 6x75clCase
60214075Franklin & Sons Ginger Beer 6x75clCase
60221050Rubicon Lemon & Lime 12x500mlCase
60222050Rubicon Strawberry & Kiwi 12x500mlCase
60223050Rubicon Orange & Mango 12x500mlCase
60224050Rubicon Black Cherry & Raspberry 12x500mlCase
60225033OMJ Berry Blast 24x330mlCase
60226033OMJ Tropical 24x330mlCase
60240033St Helier Orange 24 x 330mlCase
60241033St Helier Lemon 24 x 330mlCase
60245050Snapple Apple 12x500mlCase
60246051Snapple Fruit Punch 12x500mlCase
60247050Snapple Mango 12x500mlCase