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Wholesale Dairy

Williamson Foodservice is the go-to choice for milk and dairy products of many hospitality, catering and retail businesses in the north of Scotland.

All essential items from milk and cream to butter, spreads, yoghurts and eggs are stocked. An almost endless range of craft and artisan cheese are available.

Much of these products are sourced from local Scottish producers via accredited sources. These include:

Graham’s Family Dairy, Rora Dairy, Black Isle Dairy.

Artisan cheese producers from Scotland include:

Connage Highland Dairy, Orkney Island Smokery, Highland Fine Cheeses, Isle of Kintyre, Taste of Arran.

Many other popular and specialist cheeses from producers around the UK and Continental Europe are always in stock and available.

How to order

In addition to calling our telesales team on 0345 450 8888 you can use the documents above to order goods from this category.

Excel File: Simply save to your PC, complete your order along with contact details and upload via our Web Order Form.

PDF file: Print the form, complete using black ink then either Fax us on 0800 028 2953 or scan and upload via our Web Order Form.

The following list is representative of our range. It is not exhaustive and is subject to availability. If you are looking for a particular product or range please feel free to enquire with our team using our contact form.

Cheese & Dairy
20026025Isle of Arran Extra Mature 200g truckleEach
20030002White Grated Cheddar 2kgEach
20031002Mild Col Grated Cheddar 2kgEach
20032002Grated Coloured Mature Cheese 2kgEach
20033002Grated Mozzarella 2kgEach
20034005Arla Coloured Mature Cheddar 5kg (Nom)Each
20034025Smoked Mozzarella 250gEach
20035005Arla Mature White Cheddar 5kg (Nom)Each
20036005Arla Coloured Mild Cheddar 5kg (Nom)Each
20037005Arla Mild White Cheddar 5Kg (Nom)Each
20038022Cottage Cheese Kingdom 6 x 227gCase
20039025Longley Farm Cottage Cheese 250gEach
20050022Stilton Wedges 140gEach
20051025Mascarpone 250gEach
20051050Mascarpone 500gEach
20051200Mascarpone 2kg Each
20052025Bel Paese Portions 24 x 25gCase
20054022Golden Cross Goats Cheese 225gEach
20056100Italian Matured Veg Hard 1kg (Nom)Each
20057014Highland Fine Crowdie 140gEach
20057150Highland Fine Crowdie 1.5kgEach
20062100Highland Fine 4Ewes Cheddar 1kgEach
20063012Buffalo Mozzarella 125gEach
20063020Buffalo Mozzarella Large 200gEach
20065050Vacherin Mont D'or 500gEach
20065300Vacherin Mont D'or 3kg (Nom)Each
20066150Isle of Mull Cheddar 1.5kg (Nom)Each
20067001Goat Log Plain Cheese 1kgEach
20068001French Brie 60% 1kgEach
20068300French Brie 60% 3kg (Nom)Each
20069023Mozzarella Block 2.3kgEach
20071012Small Cows Mozzarella 125gEach
20072040Cheese Portions 40 x 20gCase
20073070Waterloo Brie 700g (Nom)Box
20074100Parmesan Regiano Wedge 1kg (Nom) Each
20075150Harlech Cheese 2kgEach
20076025Halloumi Cheese 250gEach
20077015Full Fat Soft Cheese 1.5kgEach
20078230Gruyere Kingcut Cheese 2.3kgEach
20079220Order Only Wrapped Strathdon Blue 200gEach
20080020Feta Original Greek 200gEach
20080050Mediterranean Feta Tin 500gEach
20080100Feta Greek Block 1kgEach
20081025Ricotta 250gEach
20082080Oxford Isis 200gEach
20083016Connage Crowdie 160gEach
20083100Connage Crowdie Organic 1kgEach
20084150Lincolnshire Poacher 2kg (Nom)Each
20085150Godminister Hearts Cheddar 200gEach
20086015Ricotta 1.5kgEach
20088050Hawes Wensleydale Half Tall 2.5kg (Nom)Each
20089001Bocconcini Pearls Tub 1KgCase
20090200Edam Ball 2kg (Nom)Each
20091018Alps Smoked Cheese 1x50x20Each
20092150Dolcelatte Cheese 1.5kg (Nom)Each
20094130Roquefort (Societe) 1.3kg (Nom)Each
20095125Hafod Cheddar 1.25kg (Nom)Each
20096001Boilie Goats Pearls 1kgEach
20097002Parmesan Retail Wedges 200gEach
20097100Parmesan Padano 1kg (Nom)Each
20098125Monterey Jack 1.25kg (Nom)Each
20099300Manchego Cheese 3kg (Nom)Each
20100080Quince Spanish Dessert 800gEach
20100090Tete De Moine 900g (nom)Each
20100120Quince Paste 200gEach
20101025Camembert Le Rustique 250gEach
20102100Cornish Blue 1.5kgEach
20105250Cave Aged Gruyere 2.5kg (Nom)Each
20106250Martel Double Gloucester 2.5kg (Nom)Each
20107150Harrisa With Rose Petals 1kgEach
20108125Inverloch Goats Cheese 1.25kg (Nom)Each
20109025Connage Smoked Baby Clava 250g (Nom)Each
20110250Orkney Mature Cheese 2.5kg (Nom)Each
20111120Cheddar With Walnuts 1kg (Nom)Each
20112025Connage Clava Baby Brie 250g (nom)Each
20112150Connage Clava Brie 1.25kg (Nom)Each
20113002Sour Cream 2ltrEach
20114020Reblochon 240gEach
20115020Connage Smoked Dunlop 200g (Nom)Each
20115150Connage Smoked Dunlop 1.5kg (Nom)Each
20116025Connage Cromal Caerphilly Cheese 250g (Nom)Each
20116150Connage Cromal 1.5kg (Nom)Each
20117025Connage Dunlop Cheese 250g (Nom)Each
20118150Connage Dunlop Cheese 1.5kg (Nom)Each
20119025Highland Fine Morangie Brie 250g (Nom)Each
20119100Highland Fine Morangie Brie (Nom) 1kg (Nom)Each
20120125Ullapool Smoked Cheese 1.25kg (Nom)Each
20121025Connage Gouda 250gEach
20121150Connage Gouda Cheese 1.5kg (Nom)Each
20122025Kintyre Applesmoked Chees 250gEach
20122090Kintyre Applesmoked Chees 900gEach
20123011Highland Fine Black Crowdie (Gruth Dhu) 110gEach
20123050Highland Fine Black Crowdie (Gruth Dhu) 500gEach
20124011Highland Fine Caboc Cheese 110gEach
20124050Highland Fine Caboc Cheese 500gEach
20125014Highland Fine Strathdon Blue Wedge 140gEach
20125130Highland Fine Strathdon Blue Half Wheel 1.3Kg nomEach
20130025Highland Fine Fearn Abbey Ewe's Brie 250g (Nom)Each
20131130Highland Fine St Duthac Sheeps Blue 1.3kg (Nom)Each
20132200Ribblesdales Goats Cheese 2kg (Nom)Each
20133020Snowdonia Black Bomber 200gEach
20133300Black Bomber Snowdonia 3kgEach
20134250Single Gloucester 2.5kg (Nom)Each
20135150Cashel Blue Cheese 1.5kg (Nom)Each
20136050Small Stinking Bishop 500gEach
20136170Bishop Cheese Stinking 1.5kg (Nom)Each
20137100Cornish Yarg 1kg (Nom)Each
20138150Morbier 1.5kg (Nom)Each
20139110White Stilton & Apricots 1.1kg (Nom)Each
20139150Sage Derby 1.5kg (nom)Each
20140110Stilton Mango & Ginger 1.1kg (Nom)Each
20141120Wensleydale & Cranberry 1.2kg (Nom)Each
20143200Blacksticks Blue 2kg (Nom)Each
20144001White Cheddar Slices 1kgEach
20145160Comte 18-24 Month 1.6kg (Nom)Each
20146200Montagnolo 2kg (Nom)Each
20148300Montgomery Cheddar 2kg (Nom)Each
20149300Keenes Cheddar 3kg (Nom)Each
20150200Ticklemore Goats Cheese 2kg (Nom)Each
20152065Highland Fine Blue Murder 650g (Nom)Each
20153001Porter Irish Plain 1.1kgEach
20155001Connage Crowdie W/Salmon & BlackPepper 140gEach
20156050Hebridean Blue Cheese 500g (Nom)Each
20158250Murcia Al Vino Cheese 2.5kg (Nom)Each
20159085Beauvale 850g (Nom)Each
20165015Connage Highland Heart Brie 150gEach
20166500Spinneyfields Coloured Mild Cheddar 5kg (Nom)Each
20167500Spinneyfields White Mild Cheddar 5kg (Nom)Each
20168500Spinneyfields Coloured Mature Cheddar 5kg (Nom)Each
20169500Spinneyfields White Mature Cheddar 5kg (Nom)Each
20170200Baby Colston & Basset Stilton 2kg (Nom)Each
20170300Fontal 3kgKilo
20170800Colston Basset Stilton 8kg (Nom)Each
20171015Orkney Sweet Chilli Cheddar 150gEach
20171120Orkney Smoked Garlic Butter 200gEach
20172015Orkney Red Onion Cheese 150gEach
20172020Orkney Dark Smoked Cheese 250g (Nom)Each
20172050Orkney Dark Smoked Cheese 500gEach
20172125Orkney Dark Smoked Cheddar 1.25kg (Nom)Each
20173015Orkney Garlic Cheese 150gEach
20173020Orkney Red Smoked Cheese 200gEach
20173035Colliers Scottish Red Cheddar 350gmBox
20174015Orkney Cranberry Cheddar 150gEach
20174020Orkney Light Smoked Cheese 250gEach
20174125Orkney Light Smoked Cheddar 1.25kgEach
20175015Orkney Ploughman Cheese 150gEach
20175250Orkney Mild Cheese 2.5kg (Nom)Each
20176015Orkney Highland Whisky Cheddar 150gEach
20176112Burger Cheese Slices 1 x 112Each
20177015Orkney Dark Island Reserve Cheddar 150gEach
20177025Highland Fine Tain Truckle (Blarlieth) 250gEach
20177100Highland Fine Tain Truckle (Blarlieth) 1kgEach
20178020Drumloch Guernsey Cheese 200gEach
20179020Gigha Fruit Cheese Green Apple x 200gEach
20180250Bel Paese 2.5kg (Nom)Each
20181100Gorwydd Caerphilly 1kg (Nom) Each
20183025Epoisses Germain Cheese 250gEach
20188020Gigha Truckle Mild Madras 200gCase
20189039Blue Dragon Tofu 394gEach
20190250Pecorino Sardo 2.5kg (Nom)Each
20192025Petit Livarot 500gBox
20193020Orkney Red Mature Pre Packed Cheese 225gEach
20197300Brie De Meaux 3kg (Nom)Each
20198200Chaumes Mini 200gEach
20199200Vignotte 2kg Cheese (Nom)Each
20200200Raclette 1.5kg (Nom)Each
20202001Padano Fresh Grated Parmesan 1kgBox
20203001Grated Emmental1kgEach
20203012Crottin Cherve Pasde 12 x 50gCase
20204200Old Amsterdam Gouda 2kg (Nom)Each
20206150Gorgonzola 1.5kg (Nom)Each
20207200Cambazola 2kg (Nom)Each
20208025Gjetost Cheese 250gBox
20208100Gjetost Large 1kgBox
20209125Jarlsberg Segment 1.25kg (Nom)Each
20210200Emmental Cutting 1.75kg (Nom)Each
20211200Taleggio Cheese 2kg (Nom)Each
20212050Munster 800gBox
20214300Wensleydale Green Wax 3kg (Nom)Each
20215180Delice De Bourgoine 1.8kg (Nom)Each
20216020Gigha Truckle Whisky 200gBox
20217020Gigha Truckle Claret 200gBox
20218020Gigha Truckle Mustard 200gBox
20219020Gigha Truckle Ben Gunn 200gBox
20220020Gigha Truckle Poachers 200gBox
20221020Gigha Truckle Ploughmans 200gBox
20222020Gigha Truckle Plain Jane 200gBox
20223020Gigha Truckle Herb 200gBox
20224001Gigha Old Smokey Large 900gBox
20224020Gigha Truckle Old Smokey 200gBox
20225020Gigha Truckle Chillies 200gBox
20226020Arran Truckle Mustard 200gBox
20227020Arran Truckle Chilli 200gBox
20228020Arran Truckle Whisky 200gBox
20229020Arran Truckle Oak Smoked 200gBox
20230020Arran Truckle Garlic Smoked 200gBox
20231020Arran Truckle Plain Kilbride 200gBox
20232020Arran Truckle Carmelised Onion 200gBox
20233020Arran Truckle Black Pepper 200gBox
20234020Arran Truckle Raspberry & Cranberries 200gBox
20235020Arran Truckle Stem Ginger 200gBox
20236020Arran Truckle Claret 200gBox
20237020Arran Truckle Chives 200gBox
20238020Arran Truckle Herb 200gBox
20240200Wilsons Noltland Castle 200gEach
20241170Tomme de Savoie 1.7kg (Nom)Each
20241200Wilsons The Westray Wife 200gEach
20242100Wilsons Noltland Castle 1kgEach
20243100Wilsons The Westray Wife 1kgEach
20244080Brie de Meaux 1/4 800g (Nom)Each
20244500Wilsons Westray Natural Yoghurt 500mlEach
20258050Pear Jelly For Cheese 500gEach
20259050Fig Jelly For Cheese 500gEach
20271050Campbeltown Coloured Mature Cheese 5kgEach
20272050Campbeltown Mature White Cheese 5kgEach
20273050Campbeltown Mild Coloured 5kgEach
20274050Campbeltown Mild White Cheese 5kgEach
20275012Mull Of Kintyre Cheese 1.25kgEach
20281048D'Isigny Butter Portions 48 x 25gCase
20450020Fig Jelly for Cheese 200gBox
20451020Pear Jelly for Cheese 200gBox
20452020Damson Plum Jelly for Cheese 200gBox
30510601Really Garlicky Butter 125gEach
Butter, Yoghurts & Spreads
20013015Rowan Glen Greek Natural Yoghurt 6 x 150gCase
20021002Greek Yoghurt 1KgEach
20022100Dale Farm Butter Portions x 100Case (1X5)
20024020Stork Margarine 20 x 250gCase
20025002Stork Margarine 2kgEach
20026002Summer County Margarine 2kgEach
20027020Lescure French Butter 20 x 250gCase
20029025Lakeland Unsalted Butter 40x250gCase
20030200Flora Portions 200 x 10gCase
20040050Connage Yoghurt 500GEach
20041200Grahams Natural Yoghurt 2kgEach
20046020Orkney Sweet Chilli Butter 200gEach
20047020Orkney Cracked Black Pepper Butter 200gEach
20058002Creme Fraiche 2ltrEach
20060020Lurpack Unsalted 10 x 250gCase
20061165Philadelphia 1.65kgEach
20126012Craigmillar Marvello Margarine 12.5kgEach
20127015Orkney Smoked Garlic Aioli 150gEach
20160001Katy Rodgers Creme Fraiche 1kgEach
20161150Grahams Dairy Natural Yoghurt 12x150gCase
20162150Grahams Dairy Mixed Yoghurt 12x150gCase
20194049Katy Rodgers Yoghurt 490gBox
20195015Katy Rodgers Crème Fraiche 150gEach
20195048Katy Rodgers Crème Fraiche 480gBox
20195100Katy Rodgers Yoghurt 1kgBox
20240040Graham Unsalted Butter 40 x 250gCase
20241016Grahams Spreadable Butter 12 x 250gCase
20242002Flora Margarine 2kgBox
20243005Dale Salted Butter 40x250gCase
20244012Dale Unsalted Butter 40x250gCase
20245002Lurpack Spreadable 2kgBox
20246040Meadow Churn Salted Butter 40 x 250gCase
20246200Land Foods Garlic Herb Butter 1kgEach
20247200Mill Farm Buttery Spread 2kgEach
20248040Grahams Scottish Butter Salted 40 x 250gCase
20249001Orkney Butter 200gmEach
20250004Whirl Butter Substitute 4ltrBox
20254020Golden Acre Thick & Creamy Yoghurt 20 x 150gCase
20257020Golden Acre Fat Free Fruit Yoghurts 20 x 100gTray
20261020Grahams Organic Butter Unsalted 20x250gCase
20262020Grahams Organic Butter Salted 20x250gCase
20263100Lurpack Butter Portions 100 x 10gCase
Milk, Cream and Milk Alternatives
20001001Full Cream Milk PergalEach
20002005Full Cream Milk 500mlEach
20002010Full Cream Milk 1ltrEach
20002020Full Cream Milk 2ltrBox
20002030Full Cream Milk 3ltrEach
20003010Organic Milk Full Cream 1ltrEach
20003020Full Cream Milk 12x250mlCase
20004020The One 1% Fat Milk 2ltrEach
20005001Semi Skimmed Milk PergalEach
20006002Semi Skimmed Milk 12 x 250mlCase
20006005Semi Skimmed Milk 500mlEach
20006010Semi Skimmed Milk 1ltrEach
20006020Semi Skimmed Milk 2ltrEach
20006030Semi Skimmed Milk 3ltrEach
20007010Organic Milk Semi-Skimmed 1ltrEach
20008020Full Skimmed Red Top Milk 2ltrEach
20009003Double Cream 300mlEach
20009022Double Cream 2ltrEach
20010022Grahams Whipping Cream 2ltrEach
20011022Single Cream 2.27ltrEach
20012001Uht Whole Milk 12 x 1ltrCase
20014001Single Cream 10ozEach
20015005Aerosol Cream 500mlEach
20016001Clotted Cream 1kgEach
20017001Uht Semi Skimmed Milk 12 x 1ltrCase
20018150Uht Milk Portions 150 x 13mlCase
20019024Devon Cream Co Clotted Cream Portions 24x28g (jar)Case
20020012Meadowland Uht Cream 12 x 1ltrCase
20023001Alpro Organic Soya Milk 1ltrCase
20024001Alpro Soya Milk For Professionals 1ltrCase
20025001Alpro Coconut Milk For Professionals 1ltrCase
20025020Meadowland Professional 10 x 250gCase
20029200Roselle Non Dairy Cream 1ltrCase
20043001Alpro Almond Unsweetened Milk 1ltrCase
20044001Alpro Rice Milk Drink 1ltrCase
20128001Alpro Almond MIlk 1ltrCase
20129001Alpro Oat Milk 1ltrCase
20253008Danone Actimel Orignal 8 x 100gCase