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Wholesale Wines & Spirits

Williamson Foodservice is an HMRC verified supplier. Our URN is XCAW00000106837


Customers looking for high quality wine brands that are respected by both the trade and with consumers need look no further than our comprehensive wine listings. These include Scottish wines from Cairn O’Mohr.

Our full range offers exceptional quality, value and opportunities to gain great margin at price points customers are looking for.

The Crown Cellars wine guide (see opposite) has been updated for 2022/23 and lists nearly 70 of their wines.  Essential buying information in the guide includes wine industry trends, tasting notes and access to a free one-to-one buying service from Crown Cellars and Williamson Foodservice. What’s more, a free anti-bacterial menu printing service is also available.

The brands represented appeal to hotels, restaurants, cafés and catering establishments as well as others like golf clubs. If your wine list requirements focus on having a family look or one that offers a selection of labels, we’re confident we can deliver a unique solution for your business. Varietals include:

WHITE: Sauvignon Blanc, Pinot Grigio, Chardonnay, Chenin, Macabeo, White Rioja.
SPARKLING: Prosecco, Champagne.
RED: Merlot, Shiraz, Cabernet Sauvignon, Malbec, Tempranillo, Pinotage, Ruby Cabernet, Rioja, Pinot Noir.
ROSE: Pinot Grigio, Zinfandel, Tempranillo.

Stock holding is not an issue with the majority of wines being available in 6-packs and with a large holding of stock in our own warehouse delivery can be next-day. Sizes are available in 75cl and 187ml glass bottles for maximum freshness.

Scottish & Highland Spirits

In response to customer requests we now offer a small but growing range of spirits to keep your drinks line locally focused.

These gin, rum and absinthe spirits offer customers and especially visitors with a true taste of Scotland and the Highlands and Islands as they use local botanicals to create their own unique taste.

The full range includes:

Loch Ness Spirits, Badachro Distillery, Redcastle Gin, Raasay Distillery, Sutors Gin, Glen Wyvis Distillery, Skye Gin, Snawstorm Spirits, J Gow Rum.

Alternatively, Feragaia offers a healthy alcohol free alternative as this part of the marketplace gathers momentum.

Available to order now:
How To order

In addition to calling our telesales team on 0345 450 8888 you can use the documents above to order goods from this category.

Excel File: Simply save to your PC, complete your order along with contact details and upload via our Web Order Form.

PDF file: Print the form, complete using black ink then either Fax us on 0800 028 2953 or scan and upload via our Web Order Form.

If you want to receive any further details on any of these products please contact us.

65000070Redcastle Handcrafted Scottish Gin 70clEach
65001070Redcastle Handcrafted Scottish Spiced Rum 70clCase
65002020Redcastle Handcrafted Scottish Gin 20clEach
65003050Redcastle Raspberry&Pomegranate Gin Liqueur 50clEach
65004020Redcastle Raspberry&Pomegranate Gin Liqueur 20clEach
65005005Redcastle Raspberry&Pomegranate Gin Liqueur 5clEach
65006050Redcastle Blood Orange & Rhubarb Liqueur 50clEach
65007020Redcastle Blood Orange & Rhubarb Liqueur 20clEach
65008005Redcastle Blood Orange & Rhubarb Liqueur 5clEach
65009050Redcastle Fruit & Mango Liqueur 50clEach
65010020Redcastle Fruit & Mango Liqueur 20clEach
65011005Redcastle Fruit & Mango Liqueur 5clEach
65012020Redcastle Spiced Rum 20clEach
65013020Redcastle RTD Gin & Tonic 5% 12 x 200mlCase
65014050Redcastle Pink Gin 50clEach
65016070Loch Ness Legends Highland Gin 70clEach
65017050Loch Ness Absinthe Blanche 50clEach
65018010Loch Ness Gin 10clEach
65019010Loch Ness Legends Gin 10clEach
65020070Isle of Raasay Scottish Gin 70clEach
65025070J Gow Spiced Rum 70clEach
65026070J Gow Fading Light Rum 70clEach
65030050Feragaia Alcohol Free Spirit 50clEach
65400018Kissing Tree Pinot Grigio 12 x 18.7clCase
65401018Kissing Tree Zinfandel Rose 12 x 18.7clCase
65402018Kissing Tree Chardonnay 12 x 18.7clCase
65403018Kissing Tree Shiraz 12 x 18.7clCase
65404018Kissing Tree Cab Merlot 12x 18.7clCase
65410075Kissing Tree Zinfandel Rose 6 x 75clCase
65411075Prosecco DOC C.Gheller Screw Cap 6x75clCase
65412075Bortolomiol "Miol" Prosecco 6 x 75clCase
65413075Eisberg Sparkling non-alcoholic Wine 6 x 75clCase
65415075Jack & Gina Chardonnay 6x75clCase
65416020Ponte Prosecco 20cl x 24Case
65417075Taittinger Champagne 75cl x 6Case
65418075Moondarra Chardonnay 6x75clCase
65422075Cote Du Rhone 6x75clCase
65423012Laderas Merlot 13% 6x75clCase
65424012Simply Yours Pinot Grigio 12x18.7clCase
65425012Speak Easy Cab Sauv 14.5% 6x75clCase
65430075Speed Wah Chardonnay 6 x 75clCase
65431075El Finatello Malbec 6 x 75clCase
65433075Lyngrove Chenin Blanc 6x75clCase
65434075El Cadejo Chardonnay 6x75clCase
65435075Kissing Tree Pinot Grigio 6x75clCase
65436075Le Poesie Soave DOC 6x75clCase
65437075Bonne Nouvelle Chardonnay Alcohol Free 6x750mlCase
65438075Villa Serena Pinot Grigio Rose 6x75clCase
65439075Neriano Gavi 6x75clCase
65440750Anapia River Sauvignon Blanc 6x75clCase
65441075Kissing Tree Shiraz 6x75clCase
65442075Chianti Giulio DOCG Stracalli 6x75clCase
65444075Bolinger NV 12% 6x75clCase
65445020Prosecco Extra Dry Spumante Bortolomiol 24x20clCase
65446018Kissing Tree Sauvignon Blanc 12x18.7clCase
65448075Villa Serena Chardonnay 6x75clCase
65456075Finca de Oro Rioja 6x75clCase
65457075Cune Crianza Rioja 6x75clCase
65458075Peter & Peter Pinot Noir 6x75clCase
65459070Sutors Gin 70clEach
65459075Las Ondas Pinot Noir Reserva 6x75clCase
65461075Ponte Prosecco 6x75clCase
65462075Lanvin Brut 6x75clCase
65463075Plate 95 Sauvignon Blanc 6x75clCase
65464075Ponte Gio Bianco 6x75clCase
65465075Las Ondas Sauvignon Blanc 6x75clCase
65466075Bad Eye Deer Sauvignon Blanc 6x75clCase
65467075Ren Sauvignon Blanc 6x75clCase
65468075Ponte Pinot Grigio 6x75clCase
65469075Brightside Pinot Grigio 6x75clCase
65470075Deer Point Chardonnay 6x75clCase
65471075Spearwood Chardonnay 6x75clCase
65472075Stellar Running Duck Chenin/Sauvignon 6x75clCase
65473075Grapeful Dead Chardonnay 6x75clCase
65474075Lobo Loco Macabeo 6x75clCase
65475075Millstream Chenin Blanc 6x75clCase
65476075Ponte Pinot Grigio Rosato/Romato 6x75clCase
65477075Lyric Pinot Grigio Blush 6x75clCase
65478075Stellar Running Duck Rose Organic Fairtrade 6x75clCase
65479075Millstream Rose 6x75clCase
65480075Ponte Gio Rosato 6x75clCase
65481075Jack & Gina Zinfandel Rose 6x75lCase
65482075Bad Eye Deer Zinfandel Rose 6x75clCase
65483075Lobo Loco Tempranillo Rose 6x75clCase
65484075Plate 95 Merlot 6x75clCase
65485075Clockwork Raven Merlot 6x75clCase
65486075Deer Point Merlot 6x75clCase
65487075Ponte Gio Rosso 6x75clCase
65488075Gulara Shiraz 6x75clCase
65489075Bad Eye Deer Shiraz Cab 6x75clCase
65490075Stellar Running Duck Shiraz Fairtrade Org 6x75clCase
65491075Las Ondas Cabernet Sauvignon 6x75clCase
65492075Brightside Cabernet Sauvignon 6x75clCase
65493075Bone Orchard Malbec 6x75clCase
65494075Dead Man's Malbec 6x75clCase
65495075Lobo Loco Tempranillo 6x75clCase
65496075Millstream Cinsault Ruby 6x75clCase
65497075Millstream Pinotage 6x75clCase
65500075Los Haroldas Roble Malbec 13% 6x75clCase
65502075Chateau Mondain Bordeaux 14% 6x75clCase
65503075Vina Oria Tempranillo Red 13% 6x75clCase
65504075Pocket Watch Chardonnay 6x75clCase
65505075Pocket Watch Shiraz 6x75clCase
65506075Picpoul De Pinet 6x75clCase
65507075El Burro Garnacha 6x75clCase
65508075Vinivision Shiraz/Viognier 6x75clCase
65509075Hancock & Hancock Shiraz Grenache 6x75clCase
65510075Andean Vineyards Malbec 6x75clCase
65539018O&G Malbec 24x187mlCase
65540075O&G Malbec 6x75clCase
65541018O&G Chardonnay 24x18.7clCase
65542075O&G Chardonnay 6x75clCase
65543018O&G Pinot Grigio 24x18.7clCase
65544075O&G Pinot Grigio 6x75clCase
65545018O&G Sauvignon Blanc 24x18.7clCase
65546075O&G Sauvignon Blanc 6x75clCase
65547018O&G Zinfandel Rose 24x18.7clCase
65548075O&G Zinfandel Rose 6x75clCase
65551075O&G Cabernet Sauvignon 6x75clCase
65552018O&G Cabernet Sauvignon 24x18.7clCase
65553018O&G Merlot 24x18.7clCase
65554075O&G Merlot 6x75clCase
65555075O&G Shiraz 6x75clCase
65556018O&G Shiraz 24x18.7clCase
65557075O&G Prosecco Brut 6x75clCase
65558020O&G Prosecco 24x20clCase
65565075Finca de Oro Viura Sauvignon Blanc Rioja 6x75clCase
65595020Segura Viudas Cava Brut 24x20clCase
65596075Torres Natureo White 6x75clCase
65600070Glen Wyvis Goodwill Gin 70clEach
65601070Glen Wyvis Goodwill Gin 12x20clCase
65605050Isle of Skye Gin (The Storr) 70clEach
65608070Snawstorm Vodka 70clEach
65630070Badachro Gin 70clEach
65631010Badachro Gin 10 x 10clCase
65632070Badachro Gairloch Coastal Gin 70clEach
65652050Straw Hat Violet Gin Liqueur 50clEach
65653050Straw Hat Rasp & Rose Gin Liqueur 50clEach
65654050Straw Hat Rhubarb & GingerGin Liqueur 50clEach
65751500Cairn o Mohr Pictish Cider 12 x 500mlCase
65752500Cairn o Mohr Berry Pictish Cider 12 x 500mlCase
65753500Cairn o Mohr Pictish Meadowsweet Cider 12 x 500mlCase
65754500Cairn o Mohr No Alcohol Cider 12 x 500mlCase
65761075Cairn o Mohr Strawberry Wine 6x75clCase
65762075Cairn o Mohr Raspberry Wine 6x75clCase
65764075Cairn o Mohr Elderberry Wine 6x75clCase
65765075Cairn o Mohr Gooseberry Wine 6x75clCase
65766075Cairn o Mohr gangs wi' Haggis Wine 6x75clCase
65771075Cairn o Mohr Sparking Strawberry & Elder 12x75clCase
65772075Cairn o Mohr Sparkling Gooseberry & Elder 12x75clCase
65773075Cairn o Mohr Sprk Elderf Non-Alc Drink 12x75clCase
65774075Cairn o Mohr Sprk Elderb Non-Alc Drink 12x75clCase