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Williamson Foodservice is an HMRC verified supplier. Our URN is XCAW00000106837

Customers looking for high quality wine brands that are respected by both the trade and with consumers need look no further than our comprehensive wine listings.

The foundation of our range centres on Oliver & Greg’s who offer exceptional quality, value and opportunities to gain great margin at price points customers are looking for. The brand appeals to hotels, restaurants, cafés and catering establishments as well as others like golf clubs.

Offering a wide range of varietals from different wine producing countries, they come in 75cl and 187ml glass bottles for maximum freshness. A free wine list service is also available as well as access to a wider, specialist range of fine wines.

Value ranges from Kissing Tree and Straw Hat are also available and include convenient single serve options. These are complemented by other affordable new-world wines including El Cadejo from Central Valley in Chile and Le Collezioni from Veneto in Italy.

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How To order

In addition to calling our telesales team on 0345 450 8888 you can use the documents above to order goods from this category.

Excel File: Simply save to your PC, complete your order along with contact details and upload via our Web Order Form.

PDF file: Print the form, complete using black ink then either Fax us on 0800 028 2953 or scan and upload via our Web Order Form.

If you want to receive any further details on any of these products please contact us.

65412075Bortolomiol "Miol" Prosecco 6 x 75clCase
65442075Chianti Giulio DOCG Stracalli 6x75clCase
65440075El Cadejo Cabernet Sauvignon 6x75clCase
65434075El Cadejo Chardonnay 6x75clCase
65439075El Cadejo Merlot 6x75clCase
65433075El Cadejo Sauvignon Blanc 6x75clCase
65427075Frizzante Rosato 6 x 75clCase
65443075Gran Maestro Appassimento Puglia IGT 6x75clCase
65404018Kissing Tree Cab Merlot 12x 18.7clCase
65402018Kissing Tree Chardonnay 12 x 18.7clCase
65400018Kissing Tree Pinot Grigio 12 x 18.7clCase
65435075Kissing Tree Pinot Grigio 6x75clCase
65446018Kissing Tree Sauvignon Blanc 12x18.7clCase
65403018Kissing Tree Shiraz 12 x 18.7clCase
65441075Kissing Tree Shiraz 6x75clCase
65410075Kissing Tree Zin Rose 6 x 75clCase
65401018Kissing Tree Zinfandel Rose 12 x 18.7clCase
65430075Le Collezioni Pasqua Chardonnay Di Puglia 6 x 75clCase
65422075Le Collezioni Pasqua Pinot Grigio 6x75clCase
65431075Le Collezioni Pasqua Sangiovese 6 x 75clCase
65436075Le Poesie Soave DOC 6x75clCase
65437075Neirano Gavi Wine 6x75clCase
65552018O&G Cabernet Sauvignon 24x18.7clCase
65551075O&G Cabernet Sauvignon 6x75clCase
65541018O&G Chardonnay 24x18.7clCase
65542075O&G Chardonnay 6x75clCase
65539018O&G Malbec 24x187mlCase
65540075O&G Malbec 6x75clCase
65553018O&G Merlot 24x18.7clCase
65554075O&G Merlot 6x75clCase
65543018O&G Pinot Grigio 24x18.7clCase
65544075O&G Pinot Grigio 6x75clCase
65549018O&G Pinot Grigio Blush 24x18.7clCase
65550075O&G Pinot Grigio Blush 6x75clCase
65558020O&G Prosecco 24x20clCase
65557075O&G Prosecco Brut 6x75clCase
65545018O&G Sauvignon Blanc 24x18.7clCase
65546075O&G Sauvignon Blanc 6x75clCase
65556018O&G Shiraz 24x18.7clCase
65555075O&G Shiraz 6x75clCase
65547018O&G Zinfandel Rose 24x18.7clCase
65548075O&G Zinfandel Rose 6x75clCase
65411075Prosecco DOC C.Gheller Screw Cap 6x75clCase
65000070Redcastle Handcrafted Scottish Gin 70clCase
65424012Simply Yours Pinot Grigrio 12x18.7clCase
65000000Spirit CodeCase
65447075Spumante Brut Rose Sebastian 6x75clCase
65425012Straw Hat Wine Soft & Juicy Red 12x18.7clCase
65413075Villa Serena Chardonay 6 x 75clCase
65414075Villa Serena Merlot 6 x 75clCase
65438075Villa Serena Pinot Grigio Rose 6x75clCase